Minx Nail Stickers: A Review

I love doing my nails and am fascinated by all the nail art I see on places like Pinterest, for example. However, not all attempts at nail art turn out like the pictures, videos and tutorials. (They make it look so easy, don’t they?) Also, unfortunately, nail polish seems to take a long time to dry.

Which is why I love nail stickers! They come in a variety of designs, don’t take as long as nail polish and look great! It’s a win-win-win!

I was very excited when Zazzle announced that they were adding nail stickers to their products and of course immediately made some! Of course, I also immediately bought some! The design that I bought was Nature Swirls from my own Zazzle store, Valerie’s Gallery.

Since I was very excited to try them out, I was very pleased when they arrived a day early! Yea! Here’s what they look like when they arrive:

Minx Nails -Nature Swirls by Valerie’s Gallery (White backgronAnd here’s what they look like outside of the box:

Nature Swirls Minx Nail Stickers from Valerie's Gallery Zazzle without box

These nail stickers were a lot longer than my nails and that made them a little cumbersome to put on. I cut them with cuticle scissors, but still had to use a file to get them to fit the nail. (A word to the wise, the direction say to use an emery board on the smooth side. This is good advice. I thought it would be quicker if I used an emery board that was more on the coarse side. Bad decision. It ended up roughing up the tips of the nail stickers. I eventually wised up and switched to a smoother grained emery board. Guess there’s a reason they put that in the directions. Lesson learned.)

Here’s what they looked like at the end of Day 1:

Nature Swirls Minx Nail Stickers from Valerie's Gallery Zazzle 0Here’s what my nails looked like after one full day of wear.  They held up pretty good after a day of planting a tree, gardening (I did wear gloves), typing, and taking pictures. (Don’t forget I roughed up the tips with the wrong emery board on accident.)

I have to say that I was impressed with how long they lasted.  The Minx Nail Stickers didn’t show any signs of chipping until Day 6 or 7.  I’m pretty rough on my nails considering I do a lot of gardening, crafting, typing, etc. Here’s what they looked like at the end of Day 7:

Photograph of showing nail sticker chipping after seven days of wearI decided to take off the nail stickers the next day, so I wore them for a total of eight days.  Truth be told, I probably could of stretched a few more days out of them if I had wanted to.

The nail stickers did come off with regular nail polish remover.  However, I found that it took a while for the nail sticker itself to dissolve.

So in short, although the Minx Nail stickers were a little difficult to put on and take off, the trouble was worth it. These nail stickers last a long time and can stand up against a variety of activities that may take their tolls on our nails.

Have you tried nail stickers?  What are your thoughts?