The Story Of…Old First Church Snow Bennington Vermont

I’m from upstate New York and took this photograph while visiting my parents over the holidays. On this particular day, my husband and I decided to visit the Bennington Museum. (It’s located right behind the church.) Since I live in Florida and don’t get to visit Vermont in the winter that often, I decided to bring my camera with me.

Since I went to college in New England, I ended up driving past this church quite a bit during those four years. I always thought it was a beautiful building. My husband and I occasionally visit my parents in the fall and take some trips to Vermont. After one of our last autumn trip a few years ago and seeing how gorgeous this church looked among the autumn landscape, I was bound and determine to get a photograph! Even if it wasn’t in the fall!

Some fun facts:

  • Although I use to drive by this church on my way to and from college, I had no idea how much history was associate with it! It’s the oldest church in Vermont. You can read about it on their website.
  • Robert Frost is buried at this church.
  • The Bennington Museum is located right behind the church. I’d recommend a visit, it’s awesome. They have a large selection of work by Grandma Moses among other things.
  • Speaking of Grandma Moses, one of my great aunts use to be friends with one of her sisters.
  • I had actually planned on getting a photograph of this church in the fall after a trip to Woodstock, Vermont a few years ago. My husband and I drove past it, (since we had visited my parents first) and saw how beautiful it was with the fall scenery! However, we really wanted to get to where we were going and decide to stop on the way back. Sadly, it poured the day we were going back to my parents’ house. Opportunity lost. 🙁

Was there something you wanted to take a picture of for a while? Were you finally able to capture it?