The Story of…Octopus Garden

For whatever reason, my husband and I go through phases where we play a lot of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. We are Beatles fans and enjoy their music as well, so one of the versions of Rock Band we enjoy playing is The Beatles Rock Band.

One of the songs on The Beatles Rock Band is Octopus’s Garden. I think it is such a cute song and began to wonder what an Octopus’s Garden would look like. I didn’t put a lot of plant life in it for some reason, so maybe octopi like low maintenance gardens?

Some fun facts:

  • I was introduced to the Beatles at young age because my mom would listen the oldies station in the car.
  • I made the octopus pink, purple and blue because:
    • blue is currently my favorite color
    • purple use to be my favorite color growing up
    • pink is my sister’s favorite color
  • When I was younger, I use to watch reruns of the Beatles Cartoon
  • Currently, Octopus Garden is only available on Zazzle
  • The first Beatles movie I saw was Yellow Submarine
  • When my mom was younger, she had Beatles trading cards until my grandfather threw them out. Oops!


Have you ever been inspired by a musician or song? Tell us in the comments!

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