The Story of…Party Cats

This design was done on the back roads of Georgia. In March of 2010, during one of my spring breaks when I was a teacher, my husband and I were traveling to visit my sister in law, who lives in Atlanta. We stopped to get gas, but couldn’t get back on the highway due to an accident and decided to take the back roads for a bit.


Before we had left, my husband and I had made arrangements for people to watch our cats, Oreo and Olivia. During the drive, I started to wonder what they did when the pet sitters weren’t around and also thought about the cliché of parents going away for a weekend and the kids throwing a huge blow out party. For some reason the image of my cats throwing a huge party struck me as funny and did a quick sketch of it.

original sketch for Party Cats design from Valerie's Gallery

original sketch of Party Cats

Some fun facts:

    • The sketch is very minimal because drawing, writing or reading in the car makes me nauseous. However, my sister in law can read a book in a moving vehicle with no problem.


    • To be truthful, I had forgotten about this design until I recently started selling some cards from Greeting Card Universe with this design on it.


    • Did you ever have a few occasions that all seemed to meld together until you saw evidence of the contrary? For some reason in my mind, I thought I had originally sketched this when we evacuated for Hurricane Frances in 2004. Imagine my surprise when I got out the original sketch and saw it was dated 3/27. (Luckily, there aren’t usually hurricanes in March! Plus we only visit my sister in law every few years.)


    • It turns out I did the sketch for this picture in March 2010. I use to be a teacher and during one of my spring breaks, my husband and I visited his sister in Atlanta.


    • The fact that there is a black and white cat and a gray cat in the design should have been a clue about when I originally sketched this. I got my cats in 2009.


      • Recently, I’ve been into learning and doing kawaii and manga styles. I’m considering doing a kawaii version of this design. What do you think?


Since art is subjective and Party Cats may not be to your taste, as part of the Holiday Exchange on Zazzle, I’m going to introduce you to some other talented artist!  Don’t worry!  The following designs are ones that I really like and will have something to do with the topic of this blog post!

Please note:  All links in this post are affiliate links.

First up is this adorable cat notebook by Lasgalen Arts Not only do I have a couple of sketch books, I also use notebooks for my writing and other projects.  This would be a perfect notebook for outlining the next couple of Cookie and Olivia books.  Plus Cat Lover?  Yup that describes me!  Does it describe you?

Just a note, I do own one of these notebooks from Zazzle (a different cover design) so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!  The pages are lined.

Okay, I’ll admit it!  I love this cat birthday card by Natural Design because the cat looks like a chubbier version of my tabby, Olivia.  Plus I love cake!


Okay, I’m convinced I need this mug by Art Inspired!  Books and cats?  Yes, please!  I would totally enjoy drinking a cup of tea from this mug while reading a book.  (Or writing a book.)


Hopefully, you’ve not only enjoyed learning the story and some fun facts behind my Party Cats design, but also meeting some other talented artist as well! What do you think your pets do when you’re not at home?


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