The Story of Sumo Kitty

This cuddly cat here is Sumo Kitty.


This cuddly cat here is Oreo.

collage of Oreo the cat pictures

Oreo is the sister of Olivia, the inspiration for Ninja Kitty. (You can read about it here.) Although, equally as cute, Oreo is not nearly as active as her sister.

Even though this black and white cat has been known to chase a few toy mice in her time, she’s more content to cuddle in your lap or lounge in the sun.

Sumo Kitty came about because I decided that Ninja Kitty needed a few friends. I also felt bad that I had a design based on Olivia, but not on Oreo. It didn’t seem right. (Probably because I have a sister who is only thirteen months (to the day) younger than me and growing up if one of us had something the other immediately wanted it. Ha ha!)

Did you know?

  • Sumo Kitty is a member of an elite kitty fighting group called the Kitty Protectors. The other members are Ninja Kitty, Warrior Kitty and Samurai Kitty.
  • To date, I’ve made two Kitty Protectors animations in which Sumo Kitty appears. (I hope to make more soon!) You can see them here. 
  • Some other art work that Oreo the cat is featured on is Game Kitties, Here’s Looking At You Cat, Cat Eyes  
  • Sumo Kitty items are available at Valerie’s Gallery on Zazzle, Cafe Press, Red Bubble and Skreened

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  1. Very nice Asian inspired art and design. Cute kitties, too! Thanks so much for including my “Bamboo Garden” apparel design!

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