The Story of…Brightly Neon Colored Square Pattern

This design started off as a painting. I decided to make a digital version because I thought it would look great on cell phone cases and other products.

The painting came about because of a few rounds of indoor mini golf. This particular indoor mini golf place is located in a near by mall. They have murals on their walls painted in glow in the dark paint. It’s really neat to see these murals glow while you golf.

A Painting of Brightly Neon Colored Squares After seeing how cool these glow in the dark murals looked, I was determine to get some glow in the dark paint for myself. Luckily, my local craft store had some!

Since I had bought multiple colors, I wanted to test them all out! So, I thought up a design where I could use them all. The black was added because I thought it would look great with the neon colored paint.

Have you ever tried glow in the dark paint? What is your favorite kind of paint?

Some fun facts:

    • The painting currently hangs in my office


    • All the colored squares in the painting do glow in the dark
      • Unfortunately, this is not possible with the digital version. So, if you buy any products with this design, they won’t glow. 🙁


    • I’ve only see the colors in the painting glow once or twice


Since art is subjective and Neon Squares may not be to your taste, as part of the Holiday Exchange on Zazzle, I’m going to introduce you to some other talented artist!  Don’t worry!  The following designs are ones that I really like and will have something to do with the topic of this blog post!
Please note:  All links in this post are affiliate links. Thanks in advance for your support of independent artist!

How pretty is this fish serving tray by Thunes!  I love the color!  It’s so pretty!  Plus living in Florida, I see a lot of beach theme decor in houses.  This would fit in perfectly!

I love shoes!  These sneakers by Unwrapped Visuals are great!  Not only are they stylish, but with their neutral color scheme, they would go with a lot of different outfits!

I am a big fan of music!  From elementary school through college, I learned to play several different instruments and played in a variety of bands.  How perfect would this binder be for bringing sheet music to rehearsal?  Not only is it cute, but could keep your music organized and prevent it from getting damaged!  Plus since you can personalize it, you would know at a glance that it was yours!