The Story of…Neon Stars

One of my past jobs was a teacher at a local school. In addition to teaching, I also ran their film club and yearbook. The neon stars design came from my experience doing the yearbook.

An example of my design neon stars used in a year book

An example of my design neon stars used in a year book

The way the yearbook worked was the school had two cameras that the kids could use to take candids and pictures at events. One of the student’s mother was a professional photographer and did the student portraits. I took the group class pictures, some candids and some event pictures.

For time and consistency reasons, I would put the yearbook together. Each year, a different theme was selected. One year it was reaching for the stars. The neon star design was used on the corners of some of the pages. (Luckily, I got to keep the rights to the designs.)

Unfortunately, I don’t quite remember how the color scheme came about. Maybe the kids picked it? We did have meetings and they did give input, but I don’t remember since it was a few years ago. The green may have come from the fact that the school colors were purple and green.

Working with the kids and putting together the yearbook and was a very enjoyable experience! Was there an unexpected experience that inspired a design?

Did you know:

  • One of the clubs that I use to work with has a Zazzle Store that students would contribute designs to.
  • The neon stars design is available on Valerie’s Gallery at Zazzle, Red Bubble, Skreened

A huge thanks to Pink Owlz Studio for featuring my Christmas Ballet Pig Pin Button on their blog.

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