The Story of…Polar Bear Eating Ice Cream

In the post, The Story of…Bears Flying Planes, I wrote about how I was in a design/creative rut and decided to get out of it by doing designs based on the socks I wore in February 2013.  Well, what I’m referring to as The Sock Challenge apparently worked and I’ve had ideas flying around my head like crazy!

Unfortunately that means I haven’t been updating about The Sock Challenge as much as I would have liked to. However, I’ve finally gotten around to doing a design based on the socks I wore on February 2, 2013! Here’s a picture of the socks I wore:

A photograph of white socks

Photo Credits: Valerie Waters 2013

I know, white socks. Not overly exciting. (I was traveling at the time and when I travel, I usually bring white or black socks to keep things simple.  This way, no matter what I wear, I know I’ll have a pair of socks that goes with it without having to bring a lot of extra things.)

However, I did come up with what I think is a cute design:


  How did I come up with this design?  Well, I use to be a computer teacher and taught computer graphics.  When giving the students a graphics assignment, I use to say and don’t show me a blank screen and tell me it’s a polar bear eating vanilla ice cream during a snow storm!
 So I wondered, what would a polar bear eating vanilla ice cream look like?


Did You Know?
  • Students actually did laugh when I said the polar bear line 🙂
  • Sometimes I would substitute polar bear eating vanilla ice cream with Beatles White Album
  • I make my own ice cream.
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip
  • Polar Bear Eating Ice Cream is available at Valerie’s Gallery on Zazzle, Red Bubble, Skreened and Imagekind

What’s the most interesting thing that you’ve been inspired by?

A huge thanks to Valerie of Abundance Love Trip for allowing me to promote my children’s book Cookie and the Frowny Face Day on her blog, Ask A Zombie House Wife.

Also, on Friday, September 27 and Saturday, September 28, you can get Cookie and the Frowny Face Day free on Amazon!

Here’s some other polar bear, ice cream, sock inspired art from some artist you might enjoy!

Parfait Perfection Happy Sweetest Day Card by
Olivia A. Kneibler

Happy Holidays- polar bear photo card with lights and tinsel card by Maria Dryfhout

ice cream social invitation card by asyrum

Polar Bear Christmas Card by makiko kimura

Cats Eating Ice Cream Birthday (Bud & Tony) card by
Betty Matsumoto-Schuch

Big Bear Hugs For Granddaughter On Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards by Tammy Moody

Missing Sock Funny Father’s Day Card by
NobleWorks Funny Cards

good luck card by
brenden howard

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