Ninja Kitty Rope Climb

A screen shot from the Ninja Kitty Rope Climb Game

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, have been to any of my online shops or viewed my videos you probably already know about Ninja Kitty! If not, that’s okay! You can read all about this adorable cat ninja in the post The Story of … Ninja Kitty.


I’m excited to announce that Ninja Kitty has his own app! It’s a game called Ninja Kitty Rope Climb. The object of the game is to get Ninja Kitty safely to the top for a surprise without letting him fall!


The game is currently available in the following places:


Google Play (free with ads)


Amazon (free with ads)


Barnes and Noble for the Nook (free trial available as well as a full ad-free version for 99 cents)


Ninja Kitty Rope Climb isn’t available for iOS devices yet, but an iOS version is in the works!


Have you tried Ninja Kitty Rope Climb yet? What are your thoughts? Is there another character from my online shops that you think should have their own game or app?