Finally Did…DIY Mug

We’ve all done it.  Seen a DIY tutorial on a blog, spotted a great recipe in a magazine, pinned a fun project on Pintrest and totally thought, “I am so going to do that!”  If your anything like me, you probably have links, pins, files, etc of great projects or what not that you wanted to do piling up everywhere and nothing to show for it.

Well, I’ve decided to change that, for myself anyway, and have decided to show the results in a feature called Finally Did…

When I saw this DIY Sharpie Mug project on A Beautiful Mess, I was very excited. A cute, easy and inexpensive DIY project?  Yes, please!

(And just on a side note, if you like fashion, DIYs and recipes, A Beautiful Mess is a great blog to check out.)

I decided to go with a cat paw theme for mine.  Here it is:

DIY Cat Paw CupThis was a fun and easy project.  I did mine while watching television. Over all, I love how it turned out.  I think its super cute. Just a few things to take note of:

-After following the directions and putting it in the oven, the brighter colors faded.

-I’ve used it four or five times to drink tea. After each use I’ve washed it in the dishwasher (top rack) with very little problem.  The only thing is the yellow paws tend to fade, so its probably best to avoid lighter colors with this project.  The darker colors are holding up great.

What do you do to motivate yourself to get a project done?

A huge thanks to Happy Labradors for featuring my My Cat is Smarter Button on the squidoo lens, Kawaii Chocolate Candies from Japan!

Not into DIYs?  No problem!  You can still enjoy a super cute mug!  Check out these mugs from talented artist: