The Story of…Frog Scientist

Once upon a time, I worked as a teacher at a small school. The way the school worked, there was a teacher for each subject instead of each grade. (At one point I was literally teaching grades 2-12. (Kid you not!)) Instead of hiring a substitute when a teacher was absent or what not, an aide or another teacher would have to cover the class during their planning period.

One day, the science teacher took some of the younger grades on a field trip. As usual, I had to watch one of the classes during my free period. For better or for worse, I used a lot of technology in my class room. Unfortunately, since I was in the science class room and not my own classroom, I could only do so much during the planning period that day.

While the kids watched a science video, I did as much planning as I could. Afterwards, I started to doodle. Mix together a science teacher that loves frogs  + being in a science classroom and…


Frog Scientist was born!!!!


As of May 2013  Frog Scientist is only available at Valerie’s Gallery at Zazzle.

Isn’t it strange the places we find inspiration sometimes?  Feel free to share in the comments!


If you’re no feeling inspired, that’s okay.  Here’s some frog and science art from other artist to help you out!  Enjoy!

Happily Ever After card by Diane Duda

Happily Ever After Card

by Diane Duda

Funny birthday card: Unhappy frog card

by Chuck Ingwersen

Congratulations Science Fair – Custom Cardby Anura Design Studio

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