The Story of…White Ducks and a Pool

These cute white ducks live near my parents’ house in upstate New York. The neighbor that owns them also owns chickens! They got them so that their grandchildren could enjoy them. (Though truthfully, most of the neighbors enjoy them as well!)

White Ducks and a Pool Shirt from Skreened

My parents live in a neighborhood that is great for walking. Whenever I visit, I make sure to bring my camera because I get pictures there that I can’t get where I currently live.
One day while visiting my parents in the summer, I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather (summers in New York are a lot nicer that summers in Florida.) and go for a walk. I brought my camera of course!
When I saw these little guys lounging by the pool, they were too cute. I couldn’t resist and took a picture.

Have you seen any cute creatures around your neighborhood?

A huge thanks to Red Bubble for mentioning my Bears Flying Planes post in one of their weekly wrap ups! You can read it here!

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by Delores Knowles

Birthday, Year 1979, Ducks in a Field card by SMBaumgardner
Three Ducks Dots cardby Mariana Musa

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