Question of the Month: Biggest Surprise

If there’s one thing in life, I’ve learned that it is full of surprises. No matter how well you plan or how much you think you know, surprises will come up. Being an artist and author, there are also no shortage of surprises!

It’s rare that I find an art form that I’m not a fan of doing. Photography, painting, jewelry making, you name it, I usually love it. Unfortunately, my dream of making beautiful pottery was shattered when I took a pottery class a few years ago. Man, I don’t know how potters do it, but I found it so frustrating! What am I feeling for? When do I know the clay won’t collapse on itself? Don’t get me wrong, I still love the finish product of pottery. There’s some beautiful stuff out there. However, instead of making it myself, I’ll just buy it from those who love it and do it well.

Another thing that surprised me deals with selling art and other creative endeavors on line. I naively thought that for every holiday and event, my friends and family would purchase from me. Christmas! Birthdays! Insert what ever occasion I need a gift for here!

Don’t get me wrong, my friends and family overall are very supportive. There are other ways to show support besides making purchases, but a big thanks to my mom, sister, aunt and sister in law who have purchased at least one of my products! Big thanks!

So, I guess in short what I’m saying is don’t depend on your friends and family to be your main customer base. Ha ha! I had to learn to market and am surprise by how much marketing and business information a creative person actually has to learn! It’s over whelming sometimes.

I recently asked my fellow artist and creatives “What has been your biggest surprise as an artist/creative?” Here’s how some of them responded:


  • Digital painting can be as high quality as traditional painting.

– Marian Cates of Marian Designs Gift Shop (

  • The creative uses that customers find for zazzle products with my designs. I recently heard from a mom who purchased a few different products with my “Honey Bees with Heart” design for a campaign to promote kindness among kids at a local elementary school. It warmed my heart to hear how she was using the products.

-Marieke of

So, what has been your biggest surprise as an artist and or creative person?


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