Cat in Pants or Werewolf

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When I was working on this particular design, my husband came in to my office and said, “Oh! Is that a cat wearing pants?”

A cartoon kawaii style werewolf

I had to inform him, no, its a kawaii style werewolf.

This werewolf started out as part of a design that contained a group of monsters. The monsters in the group included

  • Kawaii Style Werewolf
  • Kawaii Style Vamprie
  • Kawaii Style Mummy
  • Kawaii Style Frankenstein

The original design came about as part of Spoonflower’s weekly design challenge. This particular design challenge was called Monster Mashup. The instructions said to make a design featuring monsters.

You can see the fabric design here:

I then decided to pin off each monster into their own design.

Kawaii Style Werewolf is available in the following shops:

Werewolf Kawaii Style Halloween
by ValeriesGallery




This is a great design for Halloween. Halloween theme clothing is a great way to join in the Halloween Spirit without having to wear a costume!

What is your favorite monster? Does this design look like a werewolf or a cat in pants? Tell us in the comments!

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