Valerie’s Fabulous Finds 002

Zazzle is full of wonderful talent!  (Also in case you didn’t know, they also have gotten a bunch of wonderful new products like watches, leggings and wrapping paper to name a few!)  So I’ve decided to show case some very talented Zazzle artist here on the blog!

First up is Abundance Love Trip! Besides having some of the cutest  designs in the world, Valerie is also one of the sweetest people I know! (And both she and her shop have great names to boot! :))

How cute is this wallet! How could you not smile every time you pulled out your wallet?


It’s no secret that I love squirrels!  So of course I think this squirrel necklace by Vintage Print Store is awesome!  It is adorable! The hearts make it perfect for Valentine’s day or any day really!


This scarf by Digital Dream Builder of Dream Gifts is beautiful!  It’s classy enough to wear to work, but also pretty enough to work with a casual outfit!


This watch by fstasu of Bobbi’s Digital Art is great! I’m always fascinated when someone can come up with a good dragon design.  Plus pairing it with the pink makes it girly, but with a cool edge!


Four Season Flowers has some beautiful nature photography.  This gorgeous black panther binder is no exception!  I bet no dog would dare eat any homework kept in this.  Ha ha!


Well, that does it for this installment of Valerie’s Fabulous Finds! Do you have a favorite Zazzle shop?  A favorite artist (On Zazzle or not)?  Let us know in the comments!