The Story of…Rocking Panda

Rocking Panda is another one of those designs that I thought would sell like hot cakes! After all, who doesn’t like cute pandas? Especially dancing pandas! Apparently, a lot of people. Ha ha.

However, unlike motorcycle biker cat, I did manage to sell at least three tshirts (granted two of them I bought myself for two of my nieces) and an ipad case.

The original scan for Valerie's Gallery Rocking Panda design

Some fun facts about Rocking Panda:

  • I came up with this design after seeing a drawing of a “club cat” (basically a cat at a dance club wearing novelty glasses) at the Vero Beach Museum of Art.
  • This is one of my favorite designs
  • I did a sketch for this piece while watching the TV show Clean House. That show combines two things I love, home shows and organization.
  • The original title was Rockin’ Panda
  • Since I haven’t sold as many of this design as I would like I’ve been testing out some other titles. Some of these are Cute Dancing Rocking Panda, Dancing Panda, Dancing Panda Bear and Rocking Panda Bear.

The good news is I have five nieces in total, so I know what three of them are now getting for Christmas. Ha ha. What do you think would be a good title for this art work?

Since art is subjective and Motorcycle Biker Cat may not be to your taste, as part of the Holiday Exchange on Zazzle, I’m going to introduce you to some other talented artist!  Don’t worry!  The following designs are ones that I really like and will have something to do with the topic of this blog post!

Please note:  All links in this post are affiliate links. Thanks in advance for your support of independent artist!

How adorable is this Smiling Bear Cub Thank You Card from Diamond W Photography? Like the cute bear cub, how can you not be smiling when you look at it?


 How fun is this Music Recital Invite Postcard from Just Parties?  I like the border.  I think it makes the over all design more interesting.


All of Forest Wildlife Art’s work is amazing! You should check out the whole shop! Look at the detail in the bear’s fur!  Wouldn’t this pouf be awesome in a man cave or hunting lodge?


Do you have favorite of these pieces?