Great Photography Spots: Closer Than You Think

If you’re like me, you love to travel and dream of shooting photographs at interesting and far away locations all over the world. Unfortunately, traveling, especially internationally is expensive, so you probably don’t get to do it as often as you would like. However, you still want to take photographs that differ from what you usually take. What to do? What to do?

A photograph of the Meerkat Airstream at the Brevard Zoo

A photograph of the Meerkat Airstream at the Brevard Zoo

Fortunately, an interesting shooting location that lets you get pictures that you normally wouldn’t get is closer than you think! Have you tried your local zoo?

A photograph of a giraffe posing for the camera
Zoos are not only great for snapping pics of animals, but also of plant life, architecture, elements for composite photography and many other things!

Just some words of warning though. Not all zoos allow any photographs that you take there to be used for commercial purposes, so be sure to check first. (The Atlanta Zoo is just one example.) You can always look for a sign that states the zoo’s photograph policy, check their website or ask a zoo worker if you’re unsure.

A photograph of an emu strutting behind a tree
So maybe instead of dreaming about far off locales, we just need to explore more locations in our own backyards!

Is there a zoo you like to take pictures at? (If you’re ever in Central Florida, I definitely recommend checking out the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne.) What’s the most interesting shooting location you’ve found in your own backyard?

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