Gifts for Crocheters

As an artist/product designer, we are often told that we should mine our hobbies for product ideas. So I did.

Crocheting is a hobby of mine. I’m not very good at it and my stuff always come out wonky, but I find it relaxing.

Most of my stuff ends up becoming cat blankets whether it was intended or not!

Oreo relaxing on the blanket I'm crocheting
Stealth  the cat relaxing on the cat blanket
Oreo the cat shares the blanket

You can see some of the ideas that crochet inspired at the following sites:


Gifts for Crocheters
by ValeriesGallery


A picture of Crochet More Worry Less Tshirt from Valerie's Gallery on Red Bubble.


And my Etsy shop:

Do you crochet? Any tips?

For everyone, what is your favorite hobby? Let us know in the comments!